Best Summer Accessories For Your Jeep


The word floats through the air these days like a beacon of light for Jeep owners following a long, dark winter and chilly spring.

Something akin to hope as everyone looks forward to warm weather, sunlight way into the evening, Bar-B-Qs, camping trips and trail rides. Just an all around great season for you and your Jeep.

And yet chances are you, and your Jeep, may not have had much time to prepare for all this stuff following a busy winter and spring as things really began to open up again.

If so, then right now is the perfect time to evaluate how prepared your Jeep is for the summer, and to make sure it has all the essentials required to make the most of what you want to achieve over the next few months.

Among other things, stuff like protective summer tops, covers, secure storage, shielding seat covers and better lighting are all perfect to add on your vehicle this time of year.

Here are our suggestions.


Summer Top

You may think simply removing that bulky hardtop, or reclining back the soft top, is all you need to start your summer off right. Well, drive around long enough without a top at all under a blazing sun, and you’ll soon realize that something over your head is necessary.

That something is called a brief top.

Simple and quick to install, these summer top solutions sit right above your head while not obstructing side or rear views. This means it can also help reduce wind noise while still allowing an acceptable amount of airflow through the cabin.

Many of these brief tops attach with a channel to the windshield frame (similar to a full soft top) and then utilize hook and loop straps to wrap around multiple roll cage points. This keeps the top secure and helps eliminate any flapping. Additionally, depending on the brand, you can even choose the type of material as some match the factory fabric, while others offer vinyl or mesh.

There are also top coverage options that include just the driver and passenger, or longer versions that cover nearly the entire length of the vehicle—great for four-door owners who travel with extra passengers.

For those planning on keeping their standard soft or hardtop off all summer, these brief tops make up the first part of a system that also will enclose the cab with a second section called a cab curtain, as well as a third part that shuts off the cargo area titled a deck cover.

When those three pieces are installed, they give the vehicle an almost a truck-like appearance with an enclosed cab and flat bed. However, while this does close up the cabin, it is important to note that this is not a waterproof solution. So if you get caught out in a storm, don’t expect much protection.

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